Thursday, May 11, 2017

Pretend You Are Moving
Spring is the time of year when most Americans are gearing up to move. Think about all the planning that goes into a move. You have to figure out if your current furnishings will even fit into your new space. Are there repairs that need to be made? It gives you the opportunity to go through each and every aspect of your home and make decisions about what you like, what still works, fits etc. But when you are moving, there is a deadline and it’s usually short. So, you either just delay those decisions and pack everything up or part with things you might not have otherwise parted with.

What if you pretended like you were moving?

Since there isn’t an actual move date, you will have more time to make those decisions. What are the things you wouldn’t want to move? It will ultimately save you time and money later. Finally, staging your home is like showcasing your space. You will have more space and are surrounded by the things you absolutely love. Think about how that attracts the buyer! Why wouldn’t you want to be attracted to your own organized home every time you walk into it?  

So, maybe you are in your forever-home or you are in or near a transition in your life. What if you got a do-over? What would you keep or let go of if you could start over? Near retirement? Downsizing a home that you have lived in for decades seems like an insurmountable task. There will be a moving date at some point, so why not start now?

Would pretending to move put you in the right mindset for letting go? Consider this as you clear out your garage, pantry or closet this spring.