Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hello Old Friend

So, I’ve been saying that a lot lately.  And not to who you would think.  It’s been to inanimate objects!  You know, the smoothie you start drinking again because you are going to give ‘that diet’ another go!  Why do we address people and things this way? Matter of playful affection towards a friend who we’ve known since grade school?  Used in jest as we put on our bikini for the first time in the Summer?
As we sort through our things, we go through this playful or sometimes sinister game with these items:
  • Is it really old and needs to be tossed? Has it worn out its welcome?  
  • Is it really a friend?  Was it kind to you over the years?  You know, that go-to outfit that never disappointed?  
Play the “Friends, Acquaintances and Strangers” game, created by organizing guru Judith Kolberg:
  • Hold each item and evaluate how often you use it and if it has a home;
    • Frequent use=Friend
    • Occasional use=Acquaintance
    • Rare or no use=Stranger
  • Keep your friends, some acquaintances and purge your strangers

Friends come and go and so do the things in our lives.  If it just doesn’t bring you joy in your current life, it’s time to say adieu. Keep those you hold valuable close to you and enjoy!

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