Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Take A Bite Out Of Clutter  

You know the music...Duuun dun duuun dun!! You are swimming in a sea of clutter and are waiting for that shark fin to appear out of nowhere and take you under! In honor of Shark Week, learn how to take a bite out of clutter, one nibble at a time.

Start small:
You are not going to organize your house in one weekend. You will be destined to fail if you do. Most of us are overwhelmed with the prospect of getting started or where to begin. Keep your expectations realistic. Chose a drawer, something easy. Try not to work in a highly emotional area. Allow for small chunks of time and as you move from area to area, you can stretch that out. Start in one area of the room and work your way around it.

Sort like with like:
Sometimes before you can make a decision of whether you are keeping/tossing that black cardigan, you have to see how many you have.

2 minute rule:
Inevitably you will come across to do’s or a project. Take note but put them aside and continue sorting. Exception might be if the task will take less than 2 minutes to complete, then just complete it vs. putting it on your to do list.

Get a buddy:
We have more fun when we have company. He/she can serve as a sounding board, provide comic relief and help pass the time. Make sure your buddy is positive. Avoid those who will judge or criticize your decisions.

Hire a professional:
Sometimes getting a buddy isn’t enough. Your friend or your family member may not be suited to work alongside you. They may be too close to the situation. So having a third party helps provide a clear, objective voice.

It is safe to get back into the water.

So, proceed with caution and start in shallow waters.  Don’t jump into the deep too quickly.  Small, deliberate steps to organizing can get you off to the right start.  You will find it easier, even enjoyable!

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